Today marks the 10th anniversary of Children and Youth in Care Day.

Children and Youth in Care Day, proclaimed into law through the Children and Youth in Care Day Act, 2014, is an opportunity to recognize the valuable contributions of current and former youth in care to communities across Ontario. It is also a time to acknowledge the strength and resilience shown by young people in and from care in the face of adversity.

This year, OACAS is continuing the #ForgetMeNot campaign by asking all Ontarians the question: Are you there for kids in care? This is a way to remind organizations, service providers, and communities, as well as the government, that these young people continue to need critical support. They cannot be forgotten.

This year’s campaign continues to emphasize the stories of young people with experience in the system and the influential people in their lives who contributed to their well-being. We want to encourage Ontarians to get involved in supporting their success.

We invite our community to take part in recognizing this milestone year and bringing attention to the following goals as part of the #ForgetMeNot campaign:

  1. To acknowledge children and youth in and from care for their strengths and unique identities.
  2. To advocate for better supports for children and youth in care.
  3. To build better networks of support by increasing participation of community members and partners so that children and youth in and from care feel supported and thrive.
  4. To destigmatize views about children and youth in and from care by increasing awareness and understanding with the public.

The day is an important reminder that children and youth in care have distinct needs and face unique challenges. Allyship, advocacy, and collaboration are essential to ensure they receive the support they need to thrive and succeed.

Click Here to watch a video from the #ForgetMeNot campaign.