Here are two of many examples of children living with kin.

*Names have been changed to ensure privacy.

Family Steps up to Care for Daughter’s Best Friend

A family of six welcomed their daughter’s best friend into their family and committed to caring for her into adulthood.

Savannah* had lived through a lot in her young life and was struggling in foster care. Since living with her kinship family, she has thrived and taken great comfort in knowing they love and care for her. The family has expressed to her their long-term commitment to raise her.

Uncle and Aunt Raise Niece Born with Significant Medical Needs

Cassie* was born addicted to cocaine and methadone and underwent severe withdrawal symptoms.

Her maternal family was dedicated to caring for her and supporting the possible developmental and long-term medical challenges she might face. Her uncle took on the role of primary caregiver and her aunt worked two jobs to support the family. They are committed to loving and raising Cassie and providing her with a loving and stable family home. Cassie is growing and meeting all her developmental milestones, amazing all those involved with her development and progress!