Today marks the closing of November, which is Adoption Awareness and Permanency Education Month, a time to reflect on the permanency children and youth find through adoption. Our adoption team sent emails throughout the month on various topics and resources in adoption and we hosted a Chai and Chat forum on adoption and the Never Too Late Program, which was well attended.

Children and youth deserve a family that is a good fit for them. Our Adoption team works diligently to recruit, locate, and support a diverse adoptive community to meet the individual needs and diverse identities of the children and youth available for adoption.

Adoption means finding homes for all children, including older children, teens, and siblings, who may have complex needs due to the experiences that brought them into care. Our Adoption team strives to maintain openness with family of origin in recognition of a child’s personal story and ensuring supportive connections after adoption.

Due to the combined efforts of our team and staff, we have been able to finalize 9 adoptions since April 1, 2022!

We know that adoption can sometimes come with experiences of grief and loss as well as connectedness and belonging. We honour the experiences of the children and families we work with. Please visit our adoption page to read more about our primary goal and the importance of adoption for children and youth.