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Kinship Service and Family Finding

If a child is not able to live at home, we look first to extended family to ensure wherever possible children are safely placed with family/kin or someone they know and are comfortable with. It is important that children remain connected to their circle of love and support and their community. Children are often cared for by a member of their extended family, for example grandparents, aunts/uncles. However, it doesn't need to be a direct relative - it can be a member of the child's community with whom the child has an established relationship, like a neighbour, teacher, coach, or member of their community. These are two examples of kinship service caregivers.

Family steps up to care for their daughter's best friend

Despite having four children, this kinship service family welcomed their daughter's best friend into their family and have committed to care for her into adulthood. Savannah* had been through a lot in her young life and was struggling in foster care. Since being placed with her kinship service family, she has been doing much better. A lot of that has to do with her comfort level with this family and that they have expressed their long-term commitment to caring for her and raising her.

Uncle and aunt raise infant born with significant medical needs

Cassie* was born addicted to cocaine and methadone and underwent severe withdrawal symptoms. Her maternal family was dedicated to taking care of her despite doctors advising about possible developmental difficulties and long-term medical challenges. Despite the complexity of Cassie's needs, her uncle took on the role of primary caregiver and her aunt works two jobs to support the family. Cassie is growing and meeting all her developmental milestones. She has amazed all involved professionals with her development and progress. Her uncle and aunt are committed to loving and raising Cassie and providing her with a loving and stable family home.

*Names have been changed to ensure privacy.